License images

If you are in need of concept art and illustration for you book, game, presentation, Kickstarter, website, etc. but you are on a tight budget, licensing images may be an option for you. Currently, AK-ART has almost 90 high-resolution artworks (up to over 8000 px in dimensions) available. If you are interested, request a detailed .pdf with previews, dimensions and prices of all the images. 



If you are interested in purchasing prints of some of the artworks, please proceed here. You can choose various sizes as well as type (plain print, framed print, canvas). The list of available prints will be gradually increased. If you are interested in purchasing a particular artwork but you don't see it in the shop, use contact form to ask about possible availability. Please note that only artworks owned by AK-ART are available for print/purchase.


CG illustration with Shade3D

Shade3D is a very useful and comprehensive tool when it comes to creating a solid base for digital painting. Throughout this video, I go over my “Lunch Break” image step-by-step, looking at all the elements and how were they set up: from modeling (with focus on mechanical and hard-surface elements), through creation of shaders, simple Boolean techniques, DAZ character setup inside Shade (clothes, skin and hair creation), lighting and finally, optimal render settings. We will finish in Photoshop by adding background and applying additional textures and brushstrokes, bringing it to the finished level.

Apart from the commentary on the scene itself, I will be giving a number of tips & tricks that will allow you to be more efficient with Shade3D.

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Efficient workflow with Shade3D

In this tutorial, I will go over techniques, tips & tricks that will allow you to greatly speed up your modeling workflow in Shade3D. Throughout the video I will cover:

- how to setup your shortcuts in an optimal way and get the most out of Command Palette

- how to install and use Shade3D script packs, like Euclid Series and MeshToolPlus, to boost your curve and poly modeling arsenal. Learn to create even the most complex shapes with ease. I go over and present almost 30 scripts! (please note: scripts are originally in Japanese but I explain and provide example for each of them)

- how to create your own kit-bash libraries with Shade3D and Sketchup

Upon finishing this tutorial, you will be able to significantly increase the speed and confidence of your modeling and be able to tackle even the most demanding projects in terms of design.

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