Here you can find some of many projects AK-ART has prepared concept art for over the years. Select from the list to scroll to the project and click on any thumbnail to enlarge.


The Universe of Seven

From October 2014, AK-ART has been involved with new franchise ‘The Universe of Seven’, providing art direction, key art, storyboards and UI design. This exciting IP will be released gradually in form of books and games. The first game, sci-fi adventure 'Minotaur', is currently in development, with Early Release version currently available on Steam and GOG. The second, large RPG shooter, set in an open world called 'The Fall of Kyos' is currently in concept stage.

Below are just some of many concepts prepared for U7, for more check the official website of the project: More news and art will be released gradually, as we will work on the projects development.


The Fall of Kyos

Jupiter Ascending

Some of many designs prepared in 2012 for the sci-fi epic 'Jupiter Ascending' (2015) by The Wachowskis. Mainly early explorations of Aegis cruiser (exterior and various interior parts) as well as on ZERO's hangar, assembly and deployment system.

Samsung's GALAXY 11

Working with Psyop in 2013-2014, AK-ART designed environments (training centre, space port, alien penthouse), props (football, set pieces) and vehicles (space shuttle) for this innovative sci-fi advertising campaign. Art directed by Laurent Ledru.


CEEK is a next-generation fully immersive entertainment and social virtual reality platform being developed by Next Galaxy Corp. featuring a combination of live, virtual and augmented events. For this ground-breaking project, since 2014, AK-ART has been designing the main locations to be visited and explored in VR, many promotional materials as well as Ceekars™ - high-tech audio headset, an integral part of the whole experience.

New Galaxy prototype presentation took place in January 2015 at CES in Las Vegas. Since then, CEEK has been used to aid other projects, like Richline collection of jewellery (VR shop) or Miami Childern's Hospital (training tool for medical staff).


Some of the drawings and paintings created in 2011 for The Wachowskis epic. Most of these belong to sci-fi part that takes place in futuristic Neo-Seoul (Nea So Copros). The goal was to develop city's overall appearance (downtown and old part), Papa Song restaurant, city's transit system, main vehicles (Enforcer's gunship and skiff) and various props.

‘Cloud Atlas’ won several awards for production design and art direction.

95ers: Time Runners

'95ers: Time Runners', also known as '95ers: Echoes', is an ambitious indie scifi feature. Early in 2012, AK-ART contributed a number of complete VFX shots, from initial design through matte painting of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., 3D models, animation and various visual effects, like spaceships' attack and explosions (using mostly keyframe animation, fluid sims and video presets) up to final compositing using AE and Nuke. It was the first project where it was necessary to wear so many hats, definitely a challenge but a lot of fun, too. Audience and scifi fans appreciated the work as I won 'Best CGI' award at Louisville Fright Night Film Fest. The movie was also awarded with an overall award for VFX at Salt Lake Comic Con.


Some of the concepts and matte paintings created for a Polish sci-fi drama that went to win a number of awards for the best short movie. You can currently watch it online here:


Samples of concepts, VFX shots, illustrations and matte paintings created for various projects (each image comes with info).