Interface Zero 3.0 on approach


Kickass cyberpunk-themed RPG ‘Interface Zero’ is on Kickstarter right now, gearing up for 3rd edition. Some images by AK-ART are used to fuel the campaign, which is going very strong, reaching more and more stretch goals.

If you love cyberpunk and want to support the project (and get some awesome looking books), definitely tune in, there’s only few more days left.

UPDATE: Mission completed! Kickstarter for 'Interface Zero 3.0' reached over $60k, triple its original goal. Lots of cool stuff coming up.


'Beyond Human' entry

Submission complete! Here are several cinematic keyframes created for the ArtStation's challenge "Beyond Human". Since I typically work in some sort of context, below is a simple story I came up with to ground the artworks a bit.

In III millennium, ‘Arkadia’ is the nickname of a newly discovered planet where humans can move; leaving polluted and overpopulated Earth behind. It is advertised worldwide as a new paradise, perfect for a fresh start. All of this thanks to a giant corporation, Warp-Gen, that created a space warping technology, called Warp Bridge, allowing ships to travel to Arkadia from near-Earth orbit. The catch is, the time of journey is scale-dependent: it takes several years for large-scale transportation vessels, like those that would be used to transport selected Earth population, to get there. Small ships, with few people on board, can arrive there in a matter of days. These are currently used to quickly send engineers, terraformers and parts to Arkadia, so they can build the colony, which will be ready to welcome the first colonists. They are also used to transport winners of the ‘Arkadia Contest’ – a global lottery allowing lucky few to go there already.

The main character, in order to avoid trouble with the law on Earth, steals ID of one of the winners and manages to leave Earth. Upon arrival though, he learns the truth – in reality, Arkadia is a hostile planet with nearly unbreathable air full of mysterious and fatal radiation. Warp-Gen couldn’t detect it while building their Warp Bridge and what appeared to be a perfect planet turned out to be a deadly trap. The company, however, upon spending almost all of the investors’ money, couldn’t afford to build another Warp Bridge. Having at least several years before the first colonists will arrive, Warp-Gen decided to fake the news about the discovery and take the matter into their own hands.

The lucky contest winners are, in fact, Guinea pigs, forced into special mechanized suits during a gruesome process called ‘fusion’ where their bodies are permanently embedded into an air-tight pressurized gear along with a local specimen, pumped into the suit along with breathing fluid, acting as a natural air purifier, prolonging the survival on the surface. Needless to say, the whole experience is less than pleasant. Collectors (as the prisoners are referred to by Warp-Gen) are then set ‘free’ onto the surface of the planet to gather biological samples, radiation data and in general, to test the limits of human survival outside the fortified Warp-Gen outpost. The ultimate goal is to find the true source of deadly radiation, so it can be analyzed and, if possible, neutralized.

Frame 1

Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 2

Frame 3

Frame 3

Frame 4

Frame 4

To check out the complete entry (including initial sketches and some thumbnails), head directly to ArtStation page here:


'Minotaur' on Kickstarter!

‘Minotaur’ is live on Kickstarter!

After long preparations, the project is officially kicking in. Have a look at all the new information, eye-popping art (prepared by AK-ART and a very talented character artist), behind-the-scenes clips (including time-lapse video where I create one of the game backdrops) and the newest version of the demo. And, of course, don’t forget to back the project up to grab some awesome rewards. See you all in Nova!

Several artworks from the game have been added to Projects page, so don't forget to check them out!


Mars vacation? Not exactly

'Solstice Chronicles: M.I.A.' is an upcoming spin-off of a popular shooter 'Red Solstice' for which AK-ART provided a couple of key art illustrations for promotional purposes as well as for Gamescom 2016 expo. If you think you've got what it takes to face waves of monsters in extremely hostile environments with just your fellow drone by your side, then prove it. You can sign up for beta of the game right now at

Here's a glimpse at Ironward's 'Solstice Chronicels: MIA' display at InfoGamer 2016:

Epic trailer music

Another album cover, this time created for an epic collection of trailer scores released by Sauce Music. So, buckle your seat belts and go for a ride! You can check the track list and listen to the samples here:

Below, one version of the final image, which went through a number of iterations due to the amount of craziness combined. Well, when stuff goes down, it goes down big time!

Music time

Not only movies, games and advertisements require some catchy artworks. How about music albums? Here's a quick example. Chicks with swords? Check. Big monsters? Yep. Post-apocalyptic environment? Right on. This album cover was created for a heavy-metal band 'Raccoon City Massacre'.