You think you've got what it takes? (AK-ART's Quality Supervisor)

You think you've got what it takes? (AK-ART's Quality Supervisor)

Currently, AK-ART is looking for remote freelance artists for a new original game developed by the studio.

1) Sound FX designer

2) Motion graphics designer (After Effects or Hitfilm)

3) 2D character animator (Spine or Dragonbones)

4) Environment/Background artist (specialty: sci-fi/post-apocalyptic themes), 3D skills are a big plus

If you are interested, please use Contact page to submit your application and link to your portfolio/demo reel.

Please note: jobs are freelance project-based, not full time or part-time. However, due to the nature of the game development, multiple assignments will be likely for each position.


AK-ART's database

If you are interested in cooperation, first you need to be part of AK-ART's database. If you are a concept artist or matte painter, please provide link to your current portfolio and/or demo reel and your CV. Once approved, you will be added to artist's database and should a need for an artist that matches your style arise, you will be automatically notified.

Required skills:

  • Excellent portfolio, showcasing variety of topics as well as strong understanding of anatomy, perspective, form and colors (for matte painters: ability to create stylized and photo-realistic environments)

  • Strong self-organizational and time management skills

  • Proficient knowledge of industry standard 2D software (Photoshop, Painter or similar). Knowledge of 3D software (like ZBrush, Modo, Vue, SketchUp, etc.) is a BIG plus.

  • Ability to drive a concept from loose sketches to the final presentation

  • Good communication skills in English, both written and verbal

  • 3+ years of professional experience and at least one AAA game, big advertising campaign and/or feature film in the credits

Please note that at the moment, AK-ART cooperates with artists only remotely.