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License images

If you are in need of concept art and illustration for you book, game, presentation, Kickstarter, website, etc. but you are on a tight budget, licensing images may be the best option for you. Currently, AK-ART has over 100 fully owned high-resolution artworks (up to over 8000 px in dimensions!) available on both, non-exclusive and exclusive basis. If you are interested, request a detailed .pdf with previews, dimensions and prices of all the images. 

Company information

  • Name: AK-ART Jarosław Adam Kuczek

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland

  • VAT-EU: PL6312385036

  • Phone: (+48) 784397180

  • Skype: adam.kuczek

For credits, resume and professional recommendations, please check the links below:


Full CV as well as additional work samples (many are still under NDA and can't be displayed publicly) available on request.