Welcome to AK-ART

AK-ART is a concept design studio providing high quality conceptual art, storyboards, matte paintings and marketing illustrations for entertainment industry. Working for clients all around the world, AK-ART has been delivering content for movies, independent features, games, cinematics, advertisements, interactive websites, comic books, stage projections, interior design and ground-breaking VR projects.


  • Concept art, pitch art and art direction

  • Marketing illustration (posters, covers, etc.)

  • Pre-visualization: story-boards and animated 'board-o-matics'

  • Matte painting: 2D and 3D matte paintings (with camera projection)

  • Licensing in-house artworks (check 'Contact' section for details)

Here are some of the projects AK-ART contributed to:


Clients include companies from all over the world, such as:


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